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While most people concentrate on cleaning floors, counter and table tops, bathroom fixtures and often-used areas of the home, one surface can often be ignored.

And it’s the brightest surface in the home!
That’s right. Light fixtures. Many homeowners spend lots of time (and money) choosing the best fixture for each particular room. Some of them are subdued; others are extravagant. No matter which type you have, when a light shines on or shines through a surface, the dirt shows up and is often magnified. It can look worse than it really is.

So take a minute… look up, and inspect your light fixtures. Do they need some attention?

If so, here are some quick tips to handle those shiny surfaces. Of course, be sure to turn off the lights so the bulbs can cool, and it wouldn’t hurt to disconnect the power for some light fixtures.

Dusting: A simple dusting and dry wiping of glass surfaces can do wonders. Using a duster or cloth treated with a product designed to attract dust helps transfer dust to the cloth.

Washing: If the glass fixtures can be complete removed and separated from the electronic components of the light, you can wash them in a sink of hot, soapy water like any other glass object. Be sure when you do this that you carefully rinse the fixtures and dry them completely, holding them up to light to make sure you remove any streaking.

Reinstalling: This is the opportunity to look for more dust and debris. Look for cobwebs, bugs, and other debris that might be on fixture surfaces separate from the glass. Again, be safe! Make sure the power is off to any fixture you work on.

When everything is clean, neat, and tidy, turn on your lights. You will be amazed how great everything looks.

Of course, when you have any cleaning questions or need in-home cleaning such as for your carpet, furniture, hard floors, and more, don’t forget: It pays to call a pro!