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Pet Stains and Odors

We love our pets and mishaps happen. However, no gimmick in a bottle can remove the uric acid from the pile and foundation of your area rug. Uric acid will dry-up in crystalized form and will not only damage your rug’s fiber; it will always remain as the source of bad odors. Area rugs with pet urine require a deep thorough wash and uric acid removal. Removing the urine means releasing the acid from the fibers and not masking it with over powering perfumes. Uric acid can also burn the delicate rug fibers and cause permanent staining. Immediate cleaning of an area rug exposed to pet urine by a professional rug cleaner can reduce the chance of a permanent stain.

If the rug with pet urine is properly cleaned in a timely manner, there is a good chance stains will come out. If pet stains are persistent or permanent, an experienced rug cleaning and repair company can perform restoration of the affected area. Repairs may include color correction via re-dyeing the damaged area, or re-weaving. If you use of the shelf cleaning products, or home remedies, you will be further settling the stain and causing more damage and costly repairs. Always seek a professional area rug cleaner with pet stain and odor removal guarantee.